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eCommerce marketers use Backstroke to auto-magically create email, SMS, and push campaigns that perform at least 20% better.

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BITCHSTIX's Breakthrough: How Backstroke's AI Transformed Email Engagement

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Pearl iZUMi is using Backstroke's AI messaging platform to increase revenue per send. Case study coming soon.

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Revolutionizing Email Marketing: Backstroke's Impact on Nathan Sports

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Taking Lyssés Email Marketing to the Next Level with Gen AI Powered Audience Insights and Predicted-to-Perform Content

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Get a taste of AI email marketing with a slimmed down free version of our subject line generator.

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Access oceans of messaging data to fine tune your campaigns

Want to see trending emojis, words to stay away from, holiday data, and more? Try our free trends tool and plot your next move.

Backstroke is powered by insights and performance data from

10,000+ B2C brands

Fine-tuned for revenue driven performance.

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Why Backstroke? AI only for Email, SMS, & Push

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We have messaging and predicted performance data from 10,000+ B2C brands.

We're what ChatGPT would be if it were built only for messaging and the result is +20% increase in Revenue Per Email.

Fined-tuned for your brand

Public Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4 & Gemini are amazing technology. Without them, a company like Backstroke would not exist. But what makes Backstroke specially unique to CRM marketers is the dataset and modeling that is fine-tuned to email, SMS, Push.

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